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We use Diego Dalla Palma Professional line of skincare products for our skin and spa treatments. We offer facials (anti-aging, firming, cleansing, lacto-peeling, detoxifying, masks), eye brow shaping and tinting, and body facials and massage treatments.

* Diego Dalla Palma Professional was created to give every woman the pinnacle of authentic beauty, made of pure energy and vitality.


Perfect skin requires perfect care. And just like you, your skin is unique. So let’s begin with a consultation and analysis to see what you need. Dehydration, aging and acne problems can usually be solved with an Institute Treatment, or a combination of treatments. Then we’ll design a specific program you can continue at home.

Mini Facial 40 min. $55

This treatment includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, mini massage and treatment mask.

Specialized Facial
1 hr 30 min. $85

This customized facial targets all skin types and conditions such as signs of aging, fatigue, devitalized and dehydration.


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Cleansing 1 hr 30 min. $80

Is recommended for all skin types

Anti-aging 1 hr 30 min. $95

A replenishing beauty treatment to combat wrinkles and loss of elasticity

Purifying 1 hr 30 min. $90

The beauty treatment that remove excess oil and reduces visibility of dilated pores and imperfections for perfect skin and homogenous complexion

Soothing 1 hr 30 min. $90

Highly tolerable beauty treatment to protect sensitive skin from the signs of aging and from external aggression

OZ Ultra
For an additional $20 the eye and lip lacto-peeling treatment may be added to any of the following facial services

  • Specialized Facial
  • Cleansing Treatment
  • Anti-aging Treatment
  • Purifying Treatment

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Eye Draining Mask 30 min. $30

Fast acting detoxifying treatment that brightens up tired and weary eyes. Treats the area around the eyes and reduces the visibility of wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Eye and Lip Lacto-Peeling 30 min. $30

Delicately stimulates the rejuvenation of the cells which combats small wrinkles

Eye Brow Shaping 15 min. $17
Eye Brow Tint
15 min. $20
Eye Lash Tint
30 min. $20
Eye Brow & Lash Tint
30 min. $35


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Back Facial
1 hr. 15 min. $70

Includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, massage and mask.

Relaxing Body Massage 30 min. $55

60 min. $80

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